Community Initiative

One exciting family initiative has our Trust working with the Vice President Marriott Hotels – Asia Pacific, all of the Marriott Hotels in Australia, and an innovative creative agency, COG Branding, to deliver a unique approach to family life.

This is a first for families bringing fresh and new thinking and strategies of how to survive when they are faced with “Too Much Month at the End of the Money”.


A new initiative to assist not-for-profits and charities is currently being explored.  This initiative will look to assist these organisations to connect with the high net worth individuals we have profiled across Australia.

This initiative will be a collaborative engagement initially inviting one hundred charities and not-for-profits. We are working closely with Roger Johnstone, past editor of the Australian Financial Review and past Chief Executive Officer of the Fairfax Financial Review Group. Joining Mr Johnstone is Mr Anthony Bertini, Chief Executive Officer of Thumper One.  Anthony has had a long career in business, holding senior positions with Australian and international publishing groups, global technology companies, and listing his own business on the Australian Securities Exchange. He has also held the position of Australian Deal Maker for the British Government’s UKTI Global Entrepreneur Program.

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