Youth and Opportunities

Personal Feedback from youth who have participated in our Natural Talent and Life Workshops.

Seeking to develop an understanding of our likely natural preferences, motivations and talents is a powerful place to begin. We come to recognise that each of us has talent and motivation.

Within the right setting is has worth and application. When an individual can begin to see her or himself in the picture, then what ensues next creates tremendous opportunity. Where there is only limited self-knowledge and belief, then individuals may approach situations from a position of weakness, forgetting their Natural Talent and perhaps losing sight of what is possible. Our Natural Talent assessments are based on years of research and analysis. One of our major strengths is that we are not an off the shelf solution; we build a solution to meet the needs and dynamics that a cohort of students brings with it. We are not restricted by a one-size-fits-all assessment.

In a segment on the ‘7:30 Report’, Kerry O’Brien interviewed Sir Ken Robinson (chaired a high powered commission for the Blair Govt. to define an education strategy for the future. He was knighted in 2003 for services to education and the arts). . .

Sir Ken Robinson stated “Talent is often buried deep; It’s not lying around on the surface.”

Kerry O’Brien responded “But are you saying there is a sweet spot in all of us where our talents intersect with our passions and that that is not being mined, is not being found, and is not being looked for?”

 Sir Ken Robinson replied “Yes, that’s exactly the point.”

‘Education systems too narrow’: Sir Ken Robinson.

Partners towards your success.

Our unique and very successful YouthStart™ program has been assisting students and individuals since 1991 to help them mine and uncover their Natural Talent.

For more information on our Natural Talent assessment programs, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we could develop a bespoke Career and Academic Productivity program for your students.

Youth Feedback

I found that you’ve known me my whole life. You said I’m a person who has always got something left to give; you said sound engineering before I even said it as my personal career choice. You’re deadset accurate. I’d be more than happy to have another chance to talk to you again. Nobody, not even myself, has been able to describe who I am as a person but I feel you’ve exactly explained myself.  Thank you very much. JCT

WOW– you’re excellent at this. Love it! Learnt heaps and got me considering more options. YOU’RE AWESOME! Come back! You were mad accurate. I wish my parents were here to hear. K.A.

“I think today has been very helpful, this man today has had a big impact on my desire in life such as staying in year 11/12.”

“Frank really encouraged me to participate with what I want to do with my life. He really speaks from the heart. A kind man.”

I found that everything you said about me was accurate. I learnt a lot about myself that I had never discovered before and realised they were true. There was a lot you said about my peers that were true as well and it was surprising how good and right everything you said was. You have encouraged me in different ways and to watch out for holding back creativity. I think you have opened my eyes and the eyes of the many people in this room. Thank you.

The workshop was extremely helpful to not only myself but to others. I can really see this helping many people and getting them back on the right track. I found it very interesting to hear about other people as well as myself. This will certainly make a difference to my pathway in life and really help me to open my ideas and different pathways in life. Thank you. BW

“Sitting here really made me think. You really understood me, knew who I was and how I felt, what I liked. This will make me think better in what I want to do, what door I will open. I will look back to what we spoke about and really think and then go for what is right. I thought you wouldn’t understand me but sitting here listening to you has really changed what I think of myself.”

 “The vocational test done by Mr Vella was very insightful. It enabled me to break free from my shell of confusion and indecisiveness of my future and realise my true potential and mental power. He showed me how to accept my inner-self and embrace the creative nature that lay deep within me. It was amazing; at one point, I thought he was psychic. Thank You. T.M.”

“My opinion on this is very excellent. You answered everything before I even asked any questions; you gave me advice that encouraged me. You read me like a book and everything was right. The encouragement you gave me I took to heart and will always keep me going. Overall, you were excellent and brilliant. Thank you heaps.”

 I liked the interview because he was straight to the point and that he told the truth only. He opened my eyes to the world in a different way and view. I believe that I can turn my life around and don’t only focus on sport but focus on my school work because I can do it.

 “The vocational testing was an experience that taught me plenty. He is a man of class, style and experience in perceiving the skill and opportunities of a young man. The choices in my mind were jumbled, and with a clearer overview of my skills, I narrowed the choices. An experience anyone will be lucky to attain. AS.”

 Frank was precise in describing my attitudes, ways of thinking and my approach towards work and life. Some of the things he mentioned about me I had to think about – he knew things about me that I didn’t realise they existed. Would love to get an evaluation in a few years’ time. Thank you for the great opportunity.

I found the workshop very interesting, and very accurate. It opened up new ideas for me, while sticking to my interests at the same time. I am amazed at the accuracy and the detail! This workshop inspired me to follow my dreams and to continue doing what I love. JM

 Yes, I couldn’t believe how accurate Frank was on my whole idea of life and who I am. It was pretty cool. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to find out more about themselves.  He is an excellent bloke. JB.

The workshop was really helpful to open my eyes and to show what my strong points are. I thought it was a great idea to hand out booklets at the end with information. The information was so accurate that I thought he was a psychic. All in all you were a success. JA.

Mate you’re a genius. You have opened my eyes so much. I cannot believe how spot on you were. Thanks mate. DN.

 Francis was scary in how right he was about everything, the way he described me was perfect in every way. The workshop has just confirmed in every way in what I want to do when I get out of school. J.C.

Knew stuff about me that no one has picked out before. JC

 He was actually the most accurate I’ve gotten in my life apart from my parents. Now I have the confidence in what I would like to do. B.K.

He was very accurate. I was really surprised when he mentioned things that I haven’t told anyone and he got them right. I feel very motivated; he gave me the backing to follow my chosen career. He was heaps cool. AE

Excellent workshop taught valuable skills and helped us understand ourselves, our skills and our assets. Taught what we would be good at in the workforce. Highly recommend to others. Very personal and interesting. Loved it!

 I really loved this workshop. I thought it was extremely helpful and it was great hearing about myself and my class mates. Mr Vella was very interesting and an awesome person to give feedback. Thank you very much.

 The workshop pinpointed the aspects of my nature perfectly. I think I may have realised new things about myself. The positive feedback on my selected career path motivated me to aspire to carry out that career.

 The workshop was very helpful and I thought Mr Vella was spot on in his assessment of me. He is a good speaker and assessor of people. Overall, definitely a five star job!!!

 This was an extremely eye-opening experience. It has confirmed a lot of things that have been wondering through my mind for the last few years. It has revived feelings I used to have now that I have had them reinstated. It is one of the last steps that I’ve needed to follow my dreams and achieve my goals. Thank you very much.

 I thought the workshop itself was very helpful. It explored and covered many ideas and information. The assessment itself was very, very accurate.

 Very helpful and accurate. He spoke the words of my mind.

 To have someone understand and read you like a book is truly great. Giving you reassurance towards your future and opening new doors towards your dreams. I truly appreciated my time with him. He tells you straight and he talks without lies and BS