Performance and Motivation

Every one of us has a Natural Talent/s! The problem for most of us…at least eighty percent of the workforce, attested to from our research of over 40,000 individuals, is that we, in the main, do not match/apply our Natural Talent in what we do in our personal life and in our careers.

How to map and define our Natural and Developed talents is where the secret of SUSTAINED MOTIVATION and PERFORMANCE lives.

(Please refer to the comprehensive feedback in Youth & Opportunities, read it first-hand from our clients.)

The Best Proof of Concept – The Blind Fold Test!

By invitation from Charles Douglas and at fifty percent of our normal fees for this service, select three individuals within your organisation and have them complete our assessment/s, and we don’t need to know who they are or what they do.  You can hold this information until after our feedback. Test our responses and you will join the other motivated individuals we have assisted.

Productivity is one of the most valuable assets in business and life endeavours.

Enhanced thinking in how best to map and define Natural Talent.

Over a two and half year period we applied extensive resources and uncovered between eight to fourteen lenses of actions that today see us as one of the most unique organisations in this field of human endeavour and potential.

We introduced thinking five years ago where the “experts’ were saying no it can’t be done at an earlier age, too early. Today there is now an international shift from the previous positions of resistance to, yes we can!

You won’t find us as an off-the-shelf package. Everything we do for clients, companies and individuals, in this important area of human potential is bespoke. Each organisation presents with a differing set of gifts and contexts. We respect that and respond with a high level of collaborative engagement.