Charities and Not-For-Profits


Multi, Multi-Millionaires individuals/families (across 8,500 suburbs)


HNW Families and Individuals (across 5,386 suburbs)


High Socio-economic families and individual (8,500 suburbs)


Businesses showing revenues of $1-10Million in Australia.


Businesses showing revenues of $10-$500Million in Australia.


Suburbs with more than 100+ Businesses

Our group capacity and application of innovative research and analysis since 1986 has resulted in the development in 2013 of the most authoritative non-government analysis of where the wealth resides in this country.

We are here to help where we can and we have a lot of knowledge about wealth and successful business
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 The purpose for this proprietary development supported by the Trust is to:

  • Firstly assist charities and not-for-profit organisations to better target their fund-raising campaigns thus reducing their costs of donor acquisition, and
  • Secondly, to assist to increase harvesting higher levels of financial support from individuals who have a proven capacity to contribute potentially higher pledges/support for those individuals and families seriously disadvantaged in our Australian and international communities.

High Socio-Economic Families and Individuals:

 Over 1,500 suburbs across Australia are included in the Trust’s profile on wealth with first analysis identifying names and addresses at hand (not for public release) on the:

  • 26,830 Multi, Multi-Millionaires individuals/families (across 4,705 suburbs)
  • 173,000+ HNW Families and Individuals (across 5,386 suburbs)
  • 1,123,430 High socio-economic families and individuals (8,500 suburbs)

Australian Businesses & Organisations:

 We have first indicators of businesses showing the following revenues in Australia.

  • 161,800                  $1-10Million
  • 17,400                    $10-$500Million
  • 1,500                      Suburbs with more than 100+ Businesses