To save you some time in finding our treasures of opportunity, we have noted here some of the hundreds of statements from the clients we serve……

  • Three tailored new revenue streams involving corporate Australia (combined value in the seven figures per annum) were created for my divisions.
  • Successful ideas that result in consistent, new, and valuable income streams developed.
  • Realised more than a tenfold return.
  • This fresh approach augmented our strategic objective to broaden the scope of our funding base.
  • Professional insights have created opportunities to deliver significant six figure sales productivity outcomes.
  • Excellent initiative and wish something like this had been done earlier. Invaluable!
  • Great integrity and reliability.
  • Immense value for our organisation.
  • Ideas and initiatives have assisted us greatly.
  • Enthusiastic, logical, and creative input.
  • The work you provided has enabled me to focus on individual strengths and allocation of resources to grow opportunities
    that were previously hidden due to inefficiencies in team operation.
  • Energising in their involvement.
  • Their work and insights were regarded highly by the team and have helped us to shape our structure and design ways and
    means by which higher performance can be achieved by the business, the team and individuals.
  • Realised more than a fivefold return.
  • The key to our successful outcomes with Charles Douglas & Associates has been their ability to open doors.
  • Provided us with a solid background to enhance team management.
  • Impressed by their rationale and thorough preparation.
  • Their approach to our needs and service was remarkable, very revealing and extremely accurate.
  • Their enthusiasm and dedication is to be recommended.
  • Always astonished with their accuracy.
  • Their ability to accurately profile had me surprised and at times speechless.
  • You make one very fine skipper at the helm of the ship you command.
  • I thought it was brilliant, but exceptional is more appropriate considering that I found it different and refreshing when
    compared to other training that I have been involved with
  • Freakishly accurate on his assessment of me which proves Francis’ methodology does really work.
  • Grateful for the opportunity to explore in depth the areas of personal strengths and the potential to achieve greatness.
  • Your program is the first I have encountered which actually focussed on the “real you” and helped to link things
    together. A brilliant program!