Charles Douglas & Associates Trust


The Trust is headed by Lynne Vella.  Lynne has over fourteen years of experience as the Executive Director of a very successful not-for-profit organisation.

Lynne created very remarkable growth and assisted over 7,000 Australian individuals to create a better life for them. Prior to this, Lynne enjoyed senior roles in research and retail.

Lynne is very passionate about seeing individuals and organisations prosper. “It is this prosperity that creates the rivers of opportunity to flow strong and help those creating the opportunities with secure employment and create an additional opportunity to help those less fortunate in our society and around the world.”

On prosperity….a research project we completed in July revealed that 100 postcodes in New South Wales contributed close to fifty-four percent of the States federal income taxes. The other 519 postcodes contributed forty-seven percent.  In Victoria, 100 postcodes contributed sixty-one percent of the State’s federal income taxes with the remainder of postcodes, 594, contributing thirty-nine percent.